Lexie Link Love - the "wait, what's Lexie Link Love again?" edition

It's been almost two years since my last Lexie Link Love edition so it isn't shocking to me at all if you don't know what the heck Lexie Link Love is.

Lexie Link Love was born of my desire to be helpful. But as I started sharing more and more links on Facebook, I stopped posting them here because it seemed redundant.

However, today's link list just feels like it needs to be shared (and shared widely). And so we have the return of Lexie Link Love!

(No guarantees that it won't be two years til the next one.)

Two days ago, I got asked for resources on bullying in a Facebook group. So I did what I do best and I found some to get them started which I thought it would be good to share with everyone I love (please note: these are not affiliate links and you can probably find plenty of resources in your public library, these are a start, not a definitive list):

* The movie Bully (which I am never going to watch because: trigger warning) has a companion book.

* More books: Bullyproof Your Child For Life, Your Child: Bully or Victim also includes help for parents of bullies, too (which I think is important because I suspect a lot of parents inadvertently make things worse when they worry their kid is weak).

* The Boston Public School System has a comprehensive anti-bullying resource section.

* So does the Southern Poverty Law Center.

* And finally (for this list at least), a resource list from CNN, which includes interviews and videos from Anderson Cooper.

Thankfully the world is changing. Slowly, but still. Change is inevitable. (And love will win.) This beautiful account of love, finally acknowledged made me tear up: The Power of Two.

Although, it hopefully doesn't really matter to them what I think about their love affair, because it is theirs. This truth bomb from the ever-awesome Rosie Molinary is a great reminder of that deep truth: It is none of your business what anyone else thinks of you. (Still, it is WAY more fun to celebrate than to jeer or make fun of or mock. So that's the choice I make.)

And finally, I have to give deep props to my friend Kim, who is addressing some recent questions and misconceptions new blog readers have had about her decision to stay with her husband after he cheated on her: Focus On The Family Ladies, I am not so sure I am your girl.