love, only love (in the end)

My friend's son died last night.

He was six. SIX! He didn't get a chance to turn seven.

Today, after dropping Remy off at the first day of second grade, I am driving to the funeral of a should-have-been second grader. There is no greater pain I can imagine than the pain my friend and her family are in now. Parents should not have to bury their children. We all feel this, deep in our bones. And yet.

And yet.

Every day, parents bury children. Born and unborn. Young, middle aged, elderly. Death is a constant in this world. Love doesn't buy us a no-death card. Love doesn't buy us a no-pain card. We wish it could, but it can't. And still we love, because love is really all we have in this too fragile world.

And this world is so very fucking fragile.

Donations in Caleb's name (Caleb Mazal Hollander Sande or his Hebrew name, Chaim Mazal ben Shulamit u'Michael) can be made to Chai Lifeline, which helped his family (and helps many other families) tremendously during their cancer journey.

Give love today. And let yourself be loved. Love is all we have, in the beginning and at the end. Love is all we can truly carry with us, through this life. Love that can be carried by everyone we meet. A memory, a blessing, a torch to help light our way through the most painful times.

Only love.