on our 14th anniversary

Bangkok - yes, we were having a lot of fun! 

Fourteen years ago, we got married on a foggy, almost-rainy, chilly day in West Marin.

Last month, we did something out of the blue and took ourselves to Thailand - just for fun. (Our first actual date, nineteen years ago, was at a Thai restaurant.)

This is the life we've made, together: adventure and fun, everyday routine, boring routine, fun routine, hard times and amazing times. Together. That's our key. We do things together. Whether they're shitty or awesome, together. Because we want to. (And we do things on our own, too. We're separate people. But we like doing things together, that's what I mean.)

We made this awesome kid together (and that wasn't all fun times - going through two years of trying was pretty much depressing as hell, actually).

And through it all, fourteen - really, nineteen - years: us.

This anniversary is a little subdued. And that's as it should be, given the events of this past week. But I have him and he has me and that's the beauty of being together. Grief happens. Death happens. One day I will lose him or he will lose me or the world will lose us both together and that will SUCK. But in the meantime, we live and love in this moment, together.

Oh, how I love him. Oh, how I am loved.