our Japanese detour, a prequel to our Thailand adventures

If you were following along with our adventure on my instagram or tumblr feeds, you might have caught that we ended up having an (unexpected) day in Japan before heading on to Thailand. There was a medical emergency on our plane and it took about 3 hours to get the person to appropriate medical care. (The plane was flying over the Northwest Territories and had to detour to Edmonton, dump a bunch of fuel, land and then go through the entire pre-flight checklist all over again.)

Because we essentially had a free day gifted to us, in Japan (which is a country we would all love to explore more), we decided to make the most of it, in a way that didn't leave us exhausted.

In other words, we decided not to go to Tokyo.

Instead, we went to Narita-san, a gorgeous temple near our hotel.

It felt like coming home, to walk these ancient steps. Powerful. Peaceful. I was especially enthralled by the park behind the temple complex, which had amazing trees.

I don't think my photos can convey the sense of peace and yesness that washed over me, but I did my best.

I hope we will be able to spend more time in Japan in the future.