poeming on a tuesday

This Heart Jewel

An artistic rendering. A mathematical schema.
A poetic interpretation with a rational twist.
This heart jewel at the center of all of us,
at the center of our misinterpretations,
at the center of all our particular interactions:
this amplituhedron, scattering amplitudes
between us as if there were no locality,
no unitarity to keep us from colliding with it all.

This week's poem was inspired by this awesome article on quantum physics. It needs to be longer (the poem) but this is a beginning.

I have no real understanding of quantum physics, I just was deeply intrigued by the article and the beautiful new shape. And I love writing science-nature poems.

Blog keeping update: the twitter widget issue seems to have resolved itself. And thanks to google-searching, I think I fixed the loading issues I was having with the dynamic views template. YAY!

I switched the default view to "mosaic" but if you hoover over the arrow up there in the left corner, it will bring up a drop down menu and you can view the blog with whichever dynamic view you prefer.