souling the self surreal: playing with multiple exposure and (self)portraits

souling the self surreal: playing with multiple exposure and (self)portraits

October 14 - 25. Two working weeks. Monday - Friday.

Ten prompts from me. A private classroom in Facebook where we can play with ideas and implementation (you're not under obligation to join this group or to post). Videos, words, photos. Lots and lots of inspiration.

As always, this is a pay-what-feels-good class with a pay-with-a-kindness policy if you can't afford the class fee. (My friends come up with the best pay-with-kindnesses. I love having more kindness in the world.)

The suggested price is $38.

You can pay less (and make up the difference with a kindness or trade).

If you can't pay anything, message or email me and we'll work to make your kindness epic!

(If your paypal address is different than your preferred email address, please put the preferred address in the notes to seller. Also let me know if you do not want to be added to either the Facebook page or the email list. By default you will be added to both, but I know some people do not like to get emails or be on Facebook.)

Class registration is now over, but I will most likely run this class again. 

This class is for you if: 

* You sort of understand how to take double and multiple exposures but you haven't played around with it much because you don't know where to start.

* You are a pro at double and multiple exposure already, but want a fresh perspective and fun prompts.

* You have no idea how to take double or multiple exposures but you can download (mostly free) apps to your phone or computing device and aren't scared of figuring out new technology (I can hold your hand to some extent).

* You're intrigued by surrealism.

* You already have a self-portrait practice.

* You haven't taken any self-portraits lately but you're willing to try.

* You have the money to take the class OR are willing to make a trade or pay a kindness forward.

This class is NOT for you if: 

* You don't like taking photos or portraits. (Self or otherwise - you can do this class using portraits of other people, although I will mostly be using self-portraiture as my examples. This class will not work for you if you are completely uncomfortable with a camera pointed at your self.)

* You think multiple exposures are silly/ stupid/ lame. (No worries, just don't yuck other people's yums!)

* You are not willing to learn new things (including possibly technical things).

* You're not willing to think of a kindness to pay forward if you don't have the money to take the class. Your kindness will need to be real and specific ("I'll bake cookies for the mom who lives upstairs because she's so busy." And then you will actually bake her cookies, not just think about it.)

There are some technical requirements for this class but don't worry too much about it; I am designing this class so that even my mom can take it, as long as she can find her camera cord. 

You will need: 

* A smart phone, tablet or WiFi device that takes photos. OR a digital camera that you can easily get photos from onto your computer. OR a film camera that takes multiple exposures in camera (and the know-how to make them digital).

* Internet access - the ability to receive emails or log onto Facebook to get the prompts there. (You can choose either option or both - most of my students choose both.)

If you're going on vacation or will be very busy during the weeks of October 14-25, I don't recommend you take the class right now.  Of course, if you're going on vacation and you want to play (and have access to the internet), that's a great time to take this class!

Because I am very much an in-the-moment teacher, I prefer having students who are right there, learning as I am teaching. After this first session, I will consider whether or not to run the class again (and perhaps also consider turning it into a self-paced course).

That said, you can still take the class. You'll get the prompts and can work on them at your own pace. That decision is up to you.

(I've never run this short a course before, but I do know that in every class I have taken, people fall behind and THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY. You're gonna learn and play at your own pace and that will be exactly right for you. And you may hate some prompts and love others - and that is also okay. Do what you need to do. I will not be a drill sergeant, expecting you to DO IT THIS WAY. I will be your guide and your helper. A creative muse to get you started on your own practice.)

Before class begins, I will send out a pre-class email with (mostly free) app suggestions for all three major phone platforms (iOS, Android and Windows 8) and ideas for you to use if you don't have a smart phone/ tablet and are using a camera and PC. (And there's also my previous how-to Picassa tutorial.)

I'll be making tutorial videos during the class using each of these options.

If you're still confused before the class begins, we can brainstorm a little (and if it is clear that it's still too confusing, a refund may be in order).

Are you in?


Let's do this!