the angelic pez dispenser

I haven't picked up a camera other than my (still newish) smart phone since we got back from Thailand.

On the one hand, I've had a glut of photos from August to share. (And I'm not done yet.)

On the other hand, it's time to start shooting again, so today I am going to take out my big camera on a photo walk.

I'll try to mix in more Thailand photos and stories in the days to come, but I need to go back to my normal, share what's current way of blogging. It's the beginning of autumn, the trees are just starting to turn. Oh, my yes.

Seasons changing. Years moving on.

I didn't know any better way to showcase the spiraling of the years than the photo above: one of my teenage rock star heroes, enshrined as a angelic pez dispenser in Thailand.

(Or is it St. Kurt, pogo stick?)

There was an even more elaborate (and beautiful) Jimmy Hendrix mural up the street from this, but the sheer whoa of this Kurt intrigues and pulls me in. Every time we walked past it, the years melted away for me.

It feels like yesterday I heard Nirvana for the first time, speeding along the Golden Gate Bridge, listening to the radio with my friends. Whoa. Smells like Teen Spirit. Oh yes, I thought. Oh yes.

And it still feels like yesterday that my mom, who I think was actually tearing up, told me Kurt had shot himself.

And the distance in between those two events, between hearing Nirvana for the first time and then the completely shocking blow of hearing about Kurt's suicide - those few years feel like a million years, even though it was probably more like two or three.

Time is really weird that way.