We took four cameras with us to Thailand: a point and shoot (Fuji x-10), my new cell phone (Lumia 928), my old WiFi device, which is now Remy's (Galaxy Player) and the waterproof camera M and I gave Remy for his seventh birthday (Samsung HMX-W300).

I'll admit, I decided to give him that camera with two different goals in mind. The first is that he likes taking photos and the old point and shoot (Canon a590) that he used to be able to take photos with died last spring, so it was time to get him a new one. The second goal was more selfish: I've wanted to be able to take underwater photos for a long time. This was kind of a test-project, since I knew that Remy wouldn't mind me using his camera while he was swimming. (He never took any underwater photos of his own, since when he's in the water he has other things to do!)

Remy learned to swim - to actually, without help swim - while we were in Chiang Mai. Something just clicked and off he went! M really did a lot of helping/ teaching and then after the fact, I was able to show Remy how to do the backstroke (my favorite) and since then, he's just gotten stronger and stronger in the water.

A whole new world opened up once he could swim. We had so much fun playing in the water in Koh Samui that I never even thought to take photos in the pool there.

(Also, I have to admit I prefer the murkier water that this saline pool had - the photos in the crystal clear chlorine pools aren't as mysterious.)

A whole new world. Indeed.