(a little more on souling the self surreal)

I was asked by a friend this morning whether I thought she had the "skills" to be able to take the souling the self surreal class, so let me be a little more explicit: you don't need any photography skills to take this class!

All you need is the ability to take and share photos online (and receive emails). That's 99.9% of you reading this. Including my mom, if she can find her camera cord. (I'm guessing it's behind your desk, if it's still lost.)

This class is open for everyone, at all levels of photographic skill. If you can take a photo - any photo, a "good photo" or a "bad photo" - you can take this class. This class is going to give you practice, which probably will help your photo-taking skills (because all practice helps). But most of all, most of all: THIS CLASS IS PLAYFUL. Fun, even. Your skill levels don't matter to how much you enjoy playing.

Let me also add that play doesn't necessarily equal only shooting pretty, happy, fun, "playful" photos. Some days, when you show up honestly, you're going to show up sad or grieving or hurt. And that's going to be reflected in your photos, just as my mood is reflected in mine. The playfulness is that we can use those emotions - our honest, real, raw emotions - and shoot our double exposures to support that soul quality. (Hence, the term "souling" - the alliteration was just an added bonus.)

To clarify another point. My classes are NEVER restricted by age, gender, sexuality, religion or economic status (or any other cultural/ personal/ biological status, other than being able to get online - which is a economic privilege, but since my e-classes are based online, I don't really have any way of fixing that issue). I haven't yet had any men in my classes, but I would welcome them with open arms. I also haven't had any kids or teens take my classes, but I'd also welcome them (assuming they had permission, if needed).

I do get that October is a busy month, and that's why I added the caveat that if you're going to be super busy you should wait til you have time to play. Or you'll make time, because you just want it that much. Your choice, always.

And also, I get that multiple exposure and self-portraiture - and mixing the two - isn't everyone's cup of tea and that is totally ok. But it might be interesting to your cousin/friend/co-worker, so sharing about it socially is a kindness that I very much appreciate. Thank you.

Thank you.

* PS: In case you just want to jump in, right now (remember, this is pay what feels good - so use the drop down menu to find your right price - and if you need to pay nothing, or a different amount, or want to trade - message me on FB or email me - alexisyael at yahoo.com):

Registration is now over, but I will likely run this class again.