a wish tree!!!

Yesterday, I took myself for a photo-walk.

The leaves are starting to turn (we're a little ways from peak, but there's a lot of color) and I needed to get outside and find a new place.

I went to a different part of a long, meandering park that's near me. And I had a fun photo-walk, taking macro leaf shots and a little video and some blur... all things I love.

And then as I turned to go back to my car, I saw a wish tree.

It had been one of the first trees I saw after I parked my car (I even took a photo of it!) but I hadn't seen the faded manila wishes until I walked closer.

Oh, a wish tree! So close to where we live!


(After I read about Andrea's wish tree, I had wanted to make my own, but our tree in the front yard doesn't have branches that are easily reachable. So that didn't happen.)

I walked around the wish tree and read the wishes that weren't completely faded.

I had a grocery list in my bag, and I was about to write my wish on the back of that when I saw a long piece of (what appeared to be blank) cardboard paper on the ground. I picked it up and found this wish:

(As is my normal practice, I edited the friend's name down to an initial. May E have a life of happiness, yes. Thank you..)  

And then I really did start tearing up.

I hope her wish comes true. Health and a job. And happiness for her family and her friend's family. So basic and yet, without health, without money, it is so hard.

On the back I wrote my own wish:

Which is my variation on the Buddhist metta loving kindness prayer.

I say this formula to myself at the end of yoga practice, meditation, when I'm driving by something that is scary - an accident perhaps - or when I see someone in distress. They're spontaneous and free flowing because I've been doing this practice - sending love to the world and to specific people and to myself - since I was a teenager.

Anyway, after I wrote it, I punched a hole to the paper and added it to the wire someone else had left so it wouldn't fall back to the ground (soon, anyway).

May all beings be safe.

May all beings be sheltered.

May all beings know love.

Just love.

This wish tree seems like it was a class or group project. Most of the manila tags are faded (I bet they were done in the spring or early summer). There weren't any materials to make new wishes (except I had a pen with me and found the one wish on the ground that had a blank back).

People have started writting wishes and names on the tree (for lack of paper).

I'm not such a big fan of that (does it hurt the tree to write on bark? I don't know) but I did love this one: try defying gravity.

(Bonus points for quoting a really awesome song there, you!)

This afternoon, I'm going to go to the store and buy supplies for this wish tree. (It needs string and tags and a sharpie or marker). I'll take it to the tree and add another, more personal wish.

I am so happy to have found this wish tree. It gave me hope. It gave me joy. It gave me optimism that my kindreds are here, waiting to be found and friended.


Thank you, wish tree maker, whoever you are. Thank you.