all the shades of blue in the sky

Today I want to take some time and organize my office a little. And then finish reading WWZ (which is much better than I thought it would be).

Today I am immersing myself in the second day of my souling the self surreal class. (Wow, these women are blowing me away!)

Today I am drinking my coffee slowly.

Today I am listening to Train and U2 and P!nk and The B52s and Michael Franti and Macklemore and singing along.

(And crying. Loving this song. Loving that the kids at the bar mitzvah were listening to Macklemore and absorbing this message of love he spreads. May we "strip away the hate, underneath, it's all the same love." Yes.)

Today I am happy in my skin, in my self, in my life. In the beauty all around me. In the love underneath.

Today I am doing my best to not yuck other people's yums. It is hard sometimes, believe me - why would you post that link about xyz parenting to Facebook? Don't you know... but really, why should I burst your bubble? Instead, I'll keep posting what I post and let you do the same.

Today I am culling the magazines in my office (collaging material but I could make a million collages with what I have piled up now - time to let go) and setting up the new paper cart I got at IKEA and maybe moving some things around in here.

Today I am remembering the blue blue sky in the desert and loving the autumn blue here and being grateful for all the shades of blue in the sky.