announcing a change to poeming into the now

With two and a half days left until November begins, and only three people signed up for poeming into the now (the november edition), all of whom are paying with kindness (because they are two of my besties and my mom) I have made a decision:

I'm calling off the class. (It was a launch that failed.) But not entirely.

I'm still going to write a mood ring poem every day in November and I would love to have you join the four of us.

I am changing the format of the group. It is no longer a class. I won't be writing prompts. I'm just going to facilitate the Facebook group. Meaning, I will write my daily poems and post them in the class and encourage the other group members to write and share their poems.

And as a result, I am not charging anything (not even a pay-it-forward kindness... I would love if everyone still did one, because kindness rocks, but I'm not requiring it, even on the honor system).

Friend me on Facebook and ask to be in the poeming group. Easy peasy lemon squeasy. Or join me in poeming on instagram with the hashtag #novembermoodringpoems.

I want to bring more poems into the world. Mine, yours, your mother's. More poetry is better for all of us, I believe with all my heart.

Failure of the class as a class isn't a problem. I will still create the poems I need to create and you can still create yours.

(Or write your NaNoWriMo. Write what you need to write! Create what you need to create!)