Lexie Link Love: the passionate edition

In no particular order, things I'm feeling passionate about today, with some links:

* How much I still love not having cable TV - had a good conversation at school drop-off about it. Remy's school bestie is also a no TV (only Netflix/ DVD watching) kid. I do not miss live TV at all.

* Watching this video revitalized my disgust at how much retouching is happening in commercials and movies nowadays. This tips off my uncanny valley response so strongly and I've been noticing it happening more and more lately.

* These wabi sabi leaves in the photo above. Chewed up. Half colored, half dying. Still so gloriously beautiful. I made this photo (which I took on our Sunday adventure upstate) my desktop screen yesterday and I could stare at it for hours. There's just so much beauty in what isn't perfect.

Starbuck! No, not the coffee-pimping chain with the pumpkin spice lattes that seemingly everybody but me loves. No, I mean Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck on the reboot of Battlestar Galactica. We're doing a rewatch via Netflix steaming and oh yum, I love her that show. So many big themes and juicy plot details that I seem to have totally forgotten in the last however-many-years. It's good. So good.

* OK, this is random, but on Saturday, I had to take a break from our Battlestar marathon (I am not living the Portlandia dream). M picked a movie to watch on his own, and at one point I looked over from my book and saw three seconds of the lead up to that scene in Pulp Fiction. I haven't seen that movie since it came out (because of that scene) and I recognized it immediately. That's some powerful film making.

(I love Quentin Tarantino but I can't rewatch most of his movies. Pretty much only Kill Bill. Which is one of my favorite movies, ever.)

* This poem. (Trigger warning, explicit imagery about rape/ rape culture.) The poet is Pages Matam and he has the text of this poem, "Pinatas" on his Facebook page. 

* There is room for everybody. Word.

* Yes. Gratitude and love and and being seen. And seeing yourself. Yes.