oh so (culturally) tired

Fuel good by not creating more (advertising) trash for us to have to pick up, how about that, marketing geniuses?

I get tired sometimes. Tired of having to redefine all these cultural norms for myself. Tired of being a spinning circle in a stuck-still square world. Tired of knowing that even while we're inventing better and better tech, and we have the capability to make things that could really serve us (and the planet) we keep getting more and more disposable junk instead.

Oh after almost 39 years, it gets easier. Sure. It's totally easy to walk into Urban Outfitters for the first time in my life and say that out loud and not even care. It's even easier not to buy a single damn thing there. (I was there with a friend, who bought some boots for her daughter.) It's easy because malls confound me. Overwhelm me. Scream "omg, don't don't don't" to me. It's harder at that familiar big box store that has groceries and clothes and toys. I'm getting better at saying no to stuff I don't need, but it isn't easy.

I get tired. And it's harder to say no to extraneous shit (and yes to awesome) when you're tired. Extraneous shit is easy. "They" have made it easy. (You get that "they" is really "us" right? It wouldn't be easy if we didn't make it easy for ourselves.)

And I just get so fucking tired sometimes. I know I'm not the only one. I have to block some things, or else they'll overwhelm me. I have to literally look away. (Why are there puppies in glass enclosures at the mall????? How is this appropriate or humane? Sure, I love puppies as much as the next person, but if I'm ooohhhing and awwwing over them, aren't I eating the sick consumerism they're feeding me? Yes, and it tastes awful. Yuck. Damn it, cute puppies are cute, though.)

I'm really especially sick of seeing all the trash we're leaving behind us. Sick of seeing random meaningless crap everywhere, waiting to be bought (and then disposed of, poorly). Sick of waiting for the plug in hybrid family car with four wheel drive (because: snow) I've been waiting for for years. There are a thousand cars to choose from, but only a few that get the (gas) mileage the car industry is actually capable of producing. If they can make cars that don't suck gas, why don't they? Because we keep buying the guzzling ones. (And the oil industry. But "we" keep buying the guzzling ones!!)

I'm sick of our complacency. I don't even know what it would like to live in a culture that actually stands up for what it believes. I don't know what it would be to live in a place where we actually took to the streets to get what we need. This revolution is just not happening and it blows my mind.

We in the USA are ten days into a government shut-down and the most attention it has gotten is some Facebook memes and a fairly funny (not safe for work) parody on SNL. 

Needed services are shut-down. People who live paycheck to paycheck are losing valuable pay. And we're not really even up in arms on Facebook anymore, because the shut-down is essentially boring. We're plugged in to the media to be entertained and the shut-down isn't entertaining, except to make fun parodies.

What the hell will it actually take for us to be up in (metaphoric) arms? What the hell kind of apocalypse are we setting ourselves up for, to shake us out of this complacency?

I have no idea, but I don't think I'll be able to be tired when it happens. I hope I'll be able to wake up and be alive. And I really hope to be able to wake more people up.