poeming on a wednesday (about the wind)

the wind that blows through us all
       "Openness is like the wind. If you open your doors and windows, it is bound to come in."
                   Chögyam Trungpa

warm, sensual, inviting
cool, snuggley, inviting
cold, bitter, inviting
hot, inviolate, inviting

and inside me, wind, inviting
and inside you, wind, inviting
and inside us, wind, inviting

cold, shivering, inviting
warm, luxurious, inviting
hot, purifying, inviting
cool, whispering, inviting

and inside me, the wind
and inside you, the wind
and inside us, the wind


The onomatopoeia at the end should be whispered and drawn out, to sound like the wind. I don't usually put a lot of sound-play in my poems, but this wind-poem called for it.

Plus, Remy's class has been learning about onomatopoeia (!) and I really need to learn how to spell and pronounce it so I don't have to ask him every time. I always seem to add two extra syllables in the middle. I think it's the rhyme ("onomono" is usually how I start it).