Little things bring me back:

The elephants we keep on the bookshelf. The words we learned. Flashes of memory.

(How short a five hour plane ride seems, comparatively.)

(Clothes I wore there.)

M asking for a restful weekend, because he's still recovering from traveling to Arizona. We all learned to ask for what we need, in Thailand. That was the key to how to work it out - each of us got what we needed, each day.

Each time we are asked, "How was Thailand?" it's a reminder of this amazing experience we all had together. Of the lessons learned.

And the experience, what it really taught me was how much asking for what we need is a gift to everyone, because then we all get what we need and we work so much better together. And even when what was needed was downtime, that really was an adventure, in and of itself.

Going out and doing new things - having adventures - is fantastic. All of life is an adventure.

But so is staying in. If we were just going on nonstop WHOA-CRAZY-FUN-DIFFERENT-NEW adventures, we'd get burnt out. We all need downtime. Being together, reading, hanging out enjoying the sound of the rain in our hotel room, just playing cards or drawing or all of us on our electronics - that's a restful adventure. We need rest.

And no, I didn't need to go all the way to Thailand (a mighty long trek) to learn that lesson. It was simply a reinforcement of what I already know.

And it was a really great trip.