stand (sit, lie) where you are and be blessed

I don't usually change quotes when I make these quote photos, but in this case, I had to remove the "Sometimes" that starts this Mary Oliver quote:
Sometimes I need
only to stand
wherever I am
to be blessed. 
Really, there is no sometimes about it. Stand (or sit, or lie) wherever you are, you are blessed.

Life is, in and of itself, a blessing. There's nothing else required. You are alive, you are blessed. You breathe, you are blessed. No matter how fucked up, hurt, sad, depressed, awful you feel. No matter how awesome, high, euphoric, ecstatic, on top of the world you feel.

(Can you see how those states of mind are, in fact, only in your mind?)

There's nothing about blessing that says it has to be an absolute positive, always happiness and light. Blessing fucking hurts sometimes. Life hurts, sometimes.

And when you die, which you will, your memory will be the blessing, all you have left (except the recycling atoms) to give to the people, the world you've loved.

Because the downside of life is this: we die.

Everything that lives, dies.

This is not an epiphany, this is the brutal, blunt truth. If you have to experience it as an epiphany, you're missing the point. Keep reminding yourself until it becomes the normal that guides your days. Life and death is the basic truth of the human condition. If we are conceived, we die. Somewhere between conception and the longest known human age, we will die.

And in the vastness of this universe, there's no waste. We go from one blessing to another. Flower to fruit to compost, over and over and over again. I'm not talking about reincarnation, I'm essentially an agnostic when it comes to questions of what lies beyond my ken. I'm here and now. I mean, there's no waste, in that our atoms, our molecules, are recycled. How fucking cool is that?

So fucking cool. Can you imagine your dust fertilizing the food that feeds your great-great-great grandchild? Can you imagine your bones in a museum one day, being shown as an example of what humanity once was like, before our next evolution? Oh, I can imagine it. That's the beauty of this endless - until it ends - world.

The beauty is in the fragility, in the recycling, in the vastness that is beyond our understanding.

I just know it is fucking beautiful, even when it sucks. So fucking beautiful. I'm gonna live the shit out of this beautiful fucking life, suck the marrow, carpe the fuck out of the diem, until that (unknown) day when my ashes get to spread themselves out over it all and I get recycled into the beauty of everything.

Fuck yeah!