Taliesin West

"Oh, we have to build here, this is pure abstraction wherever you look." 

Frank Lloyd Wright

I wasn't sure, going in, if the tour of Taliesin West would be worthwhile. I admit I was skeptical that there was enough to capture my attention for an entire hour and a half. I'm not all that into architecture. And I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to do the tour at all. Remy is hit or miss with museums and tours, but this was a special event, for his Pop-Pop's birthday, and being with the paternal half of his (multitude of) grandparents was an attraction in and of itself. 

I let myself have no expectations. I knew there was a chance I might have to drive back to the hotel (and go swimming with Remy), or sit with a book while Remy drew. And I might not. No expectations. I was open. 

And Taliesin blew us all away. It was gorgeous and serene and fun! There was definitely enough for an hour and a half tour (and more - our tour guide actually stayed with us longer, since we were all so interested in the details she was telling us and kept getting side tracked by the great stories).

Our amazing tour guide had tidbits for everyone. She kept Remy in the loop by pointing out things that would interest him and asking him questions. She was just right - not too intrusive (getting in his face) and not too removed (not involving him).

Even a year ago, this might have been too much for Remy. But this year, right now, it was right up his alley.

I'll have more photos to share in the coming days, but these are the ones that embody Taliesin West.

Yes. Thank you. More please.