Once upon a time, Madonna started studying kabbalah. (HA! I bet you didn't see THAT sentence coming on my blog!) Suddenly, every one I knew, every where, was into the cord bracelet. (Always red.) I resisted. Of course. I resist trends unless I love them before they popularize.

This isn't me being hip or cool, it's me being slightly childish and snobbish. I know this. It's silly, but I can't help myself, I don't want to get into something just because it is popular. I rebel. There's a part of me that's still seventeen, yes.

(But I don't yuck other people's yums anymore - so I'm not quite seventeen. Let's go with nineteen - that was a good year.)

OK, the thing is, about that red kabbalah cord: I did eventually get one, given to me during a class, and it became important to me. Very much so. It is still hanging off the rear-view mirror of my car, slightly more than eight years later.

(Actually, we have two of those cords, since M did that class with me. And it's probably his on the rear-view mirror. Mine is with my important jewelry. Whatever. You see the point. Those red cords worked for us, on our intention. Do the gestational math and you'll figure it out. And yes, I'm slightly superstitious. Are you surprised?)

Today I started Mama Scout's Dream Lab (you still have a few hours to join us!). As part of the first day, I put this yarn around my wrist. You might recognize them from my tutorial on making felted wool dreadlocks.

Today I am listening for my intention, privately. Today I am sharing that I am listening for my intention, publicly.

(And my cord's not red, because I don't want the universe to get confused. This isn't that intention!)