wrapping up souling the self surreal

Today is the final day of my souling the self surreal class. It's been amazing.

(Yes, I use that word a lot. I am amazed by life, it is true. It amazes me and awes me, because it is so immense. Strands of complexity woven together. How could I help but find that amazing?)

Not only am I impressed by my class, by their interest in the process and the (amazing) art they have created, I am also amazed, once again, at how much teaching inspires me. At how much I am getting out of the process of inspiring others.

Being able to put into words what I am doing, as a photographer, helps me in my process. Inspiring others helps me remain inspired.

One more reason to keep teaching, as if I needed another reason.


Come join me in poeming into the now this november, writing a short poem a day. Or join me in fictioning, with a NaNoWriMo of your own! Creating new works with your unique voice is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and the world. This I believe.