a purple flower blooming

In the middle of the world-around-me-autumning, with yellowing leaves falling everywhere I look outside, there's still a purple flower blooming somewhere.

And that makes all the difference, sometimes. Just the idea, the hint of spring-to-come.

I'm seeing the hashtag #winteriscoming a lot on instagram and before I sidetrack into a Game of Thrones moment, let me say this: spring is coming. Where there is winter, with four seasons, there is spring.

Winter - spring - summer - autumn - winter - spring - summer - autumn - winter...

Over and over, eons without end. All my life, all your life, all our great, great, great, great grandcestor's life.

(There will be a quiz later on my made-up-words.)

Things change. The median temperature of the seasons changes. The climate shifts. Places that had four seasons don't always have four seasons. Places that were dry aren't always dry. (Places that are above sea level aren't always above sea level.)

I understand (not believe) that cataclysmic climate shift is happening. While we were arguing about whether it was real or not, the temperature of the planet shifted, and whether it has already shifted past that point of no return or not, we aren't on a trajectory to slow down quickly enough yet.

And the Earth will still rotate.

The areas where there is ice, drought and storms will change (and more) and that will be life threatening for humans and animals. There will still be seasons, somewhere, but it might not be where you live anymore.

Meanwhile, there is this moment.

In this moment, a purple flower is blooming somewhere. Spring will come. Change will come. Death will come. I will meet it when it comes, not before.

Right now, a purple flower is blooming somewhere.