at the Met

M figured out a way to get Remy interested in the Met: their armory collection!

This samurai dragon helmet was my favorite piece from the armory.

We also managed to go through the Greek/ Roman statuary and then the neoclassical revival Greek/Roman statuary, too (Perseus had a fine behind. Need I explain the bow and arrow obsession?)

And the sphinx. Oh, the sphinx. I had quite an interest in Egypt as a child (and still do, truth be told). Getting to actually walk (a very short way) into a recreated Egyptian-Nubian temple was an amazing thing. Amazing.

Remy didn't like the mummies/ sarcophaguses (sarcophagi?). They were too scary. We talked a little on the way home about bravery and how we know the mummies won't get us (because they didn't get us this time and also because they can't move in real life, only in pretend). I'll be sad if that's the take-away from the Met.

I'm planning on reseeding the awesomeness of the armory for him and also getting him interested in going back to see The Great Wave off Kanagawa, which he recognizes from the movie Surf's Up. (Look, I do what I can. If you aren't almost forty yourself, you'd be surprised at how much "culture" I only know via Sesame Street or The Muppets or other TV shows/ movies. If you are my generation, you're not surprised at all. That's just how it is. We pick up things.)

The Met is truly amazing. I can't believe I hadn't been before. Well, that's not true. I still haven't made it to the Guggenheim in NYC, either, so actually, I'm not all that amazed. Museums haven't been high on our priority list, as parents of a kid who can only stay still and pay attention to things he's not interested in for so long. He's into making art, but not as into consuming other people's art yet.

And that's ok. As he gets older, we're making more and more forrays into museums with him (and without him). I probably didn't get into going to museums until I was in middle school. I remember the first exhibit I made my mom take me to (at the recommendation of my French teacher), Picasso's: Je Suis Le Cahier, which look! They made a catalog of. Awesome!