forest bathing essential oil spray

Last year, I read this amazing article about forest bathing (shinrin-yoku, in Japanese) in Outside Magazine during a lull in our Thanksgiving Chicago trip.

It resonated with me profoundly. I have always had an affinity for trees. I can't get enough of them. And the time of year when I feel most cut off from my trees is winter, which is a season I already have problems with. Since the cold is so painful to me, I don't go outside as much in the winter.

One piece in the article gave me an idea:

An essential oil room spray.

Earlier this year, I bought some evergreen essential oils. (I had to get them online, my local stores didn't have them.) I choose cypress (the oil mentioned in the article), juniper berry and balsam fir. I added other essential oils I already owned to create this blend.

The results were fantastic. Every single person who smells it has loved it (even my very scent-sensitive husband). Two friends asked me to make some for them. It truly gives me a sense of well being and has helped me cope with the anxiety I was feeling before my tooth extraction this weekend.

I used a medium sized spray bottle. First I added water to almost the top. Then I added my essential oils. I did this by "feel" (knowing about what ratio I want, then tinkering until it is how I want it to be - a reminder of a walk through a California forest).

I used about 12-16 drops each:


And about 10-12 drops each of:

Juniper Berry
Balsam Fir

About six drops of Lemon (possibly more). I may also have added a little orange, I forget.

About two or three drops of Patchouli (I would have used a different base note if I'd had one, but patchouli worked once I got the ratio right. I am thinking of getting oak moss for this blend. I want something that smells like earth. Sandalwood might also work. Or something smokey. An aromatherapist friend suggested vetiver.)

About one or two drops of Jasmine (this was so little as not to register to most people. I added it because I am a floral person. Be sparing with the floral component if you decide to add it).

I also added a few drops of unscented dish soap, to help the essential oils stay suspended in the water.

I hope you enjoy making your own forest bathing essential oil spray!