Although technically these photos are of our octobering, since last night was still October. Today is the first day of November and so my writing today is novembering - I will write one short poem (you can still join me, just ask - you will have to friend me on Facebook if you haven't already) and I will write one more piece to my NaNoWriMo novel/ novella/ short story/ fiction.

I have read of a neat noveling trick that I may try - to rewrite the previous day's writing. I think that will help keep me in the story, instead of getting out of it every day. That's the biggest problem I have with longer pieces - my mind doesn't stay in that story, it moves on quickly. That may not help me write the entire story in one month, but it will help me actually write it, and that's my goal this year.

And so, I have decided that I'm not going to pay attention to the word count this year, I am just going to fiction every day (and by every day, I mean Monday - Friday, I don't think I can find the place to fiction on the weekends yet, but I'll look for it).

Some days I may share the fictioning here. Some days I may write what I need to write here. Some days I may only post a photo and very few (or no) words.

I am novembering this November.

(Oh, how I love verbing nouns.)

(And deliberately blurry photos.)

(And parentheses.)

(And life. Oh, how I love life!)