on such an autumn day

It isn't really morning anymore, and I'm listening to The Mamas and the Papas. One guess what this beautiful autumn day has me listening to?

(Go ahead, guess. I'll wait.

No, not If I Had a Hammer.

There's a hint in the title.

California Dreaming, yes.)

Oh that dream, of California.

Remy dreams of California, too, and he hasn't ever lived there. Just visited.

"Let's move to California" he says, sometimes, seemingly out of the blue.

Except it isn't really out of the blue; California is a place we talk about a lot - 6/8ths of his grandparents live there (the other 2 live in Texas) and M and I both grew up there. And even though our family is spread out ("Let's list all the places our family lives!"), the biggest concentration of family we have is in Northern California, in the bay area.

Going back there is still going home. At least, kinda. 

(So many places hold pieces of my heart. Yet always, my true home is me.)

And for all my reminders to myself about this moment, this present moment, I too, am California Dreaming right here, right now. And that's ok. I'll let myself reminisce. And then I'll come back to this moment, the music streaming from my computer, the coffee cup empty next to me, the light streaming in the windows, so gorgeous through the yellowing leaves.

This is just a part of my novembering.