prose-poeming-musing about trees and other things in the days before my birth day

Like a tree, we can reach up, growing, growing, but not beyond the boundaries of our limbs.

Like a tree, we can ground down, rooting, rooting, but not beyond the boundaries of our limbs.

Like a tree, we can send out shoots (leaves and flowers), and then in the fullness of time, let go.

Like a tree, we are, but more than trees, for we are human. We cry, we laugh, we wander, we return.

All our days, alive and wondering at the beauty of trees, at the beauty of our world, at the beauty of ourselves.


We had a fun family day yesterday, putting together the new digital piano that we got as our family Hannukah gift. (Music is so strong in our family and we want to get Remy started with lessons, which he can do at home now that we have a piano of our own.) Then we went to a celebratory feast with MIL's fiancee's family which was very fun (I did a mini Scotch tasting, so you know I had a good time).

Today the piano has been played. Art has been made. Coffee has been drunk. A new reading nook has been created, in the space that opened up next to one of our heater grates yesterday.

More space will be made, as I organize the rearranging we did to fit an upright piano into our living room. More space is part of the ebb and flow of our days, here and then there.

Today we will buy nothing (except groceries). Today we will nest and possibly go swimming later on. Today we will sing and play and read and rest. Today we'll make latkes and later we'll light the candle for the third night of Hanuukah.

I may start a new knitting project because my MIL and her fiancee gifted me with some gorgeous handspun artisinal yarn that they found at a craft faire and it is perfect for a new cowl.


Next week is my birthday and yesterday I finally figured out what my giveaway this year will be: books! Glorious books! we can celebrate the trees that became paper to give us wisdom-words while clearing up space in my bookshelf!

I'll be using a private Facebook group to facilitate the give-away once again. If you're not on Facebook, just email me if you're interested in a book or two. I'll write up a list of available titles and post it in the days before my birthday actual. Anything not claimed will be given to a local little free library or to the public library.

Giveaways are great fun, I hope my giveaway will inspire more giveaways! (The best kind are local instead of requiring postage, but because my friends are spread out over the entire world, an online giveaway works best for me.)


May your day-after-Thanksgiving (or regular day after not a holiday) be filled with whatever brings you the most of what you desire. Rest. Love. Peace. Excitement. Whatever you need. May you fill your days and your years with this, whatever it is. May your life be a blessing and may you be blessed.