prose-poeming on a tuesday

dreaming (eyes wide open)

I had a dream we went to Taliesin. But it wasn't the real Taliesin (or even Taliesin West). It was a house built into a huge waterfall. Sort of like in the movie, Up, but not that house at all, and actually built into the waterfall, carved out of stone.

I had a dream we went walking around the house, waiting or searching for something.

I had a dream the water was falling, falling (falling waters - not the right house, either). I had a dream the light was shining and the sky was blue and the entire world as far as I could see was green and blue with pink and purple splotches here and there (flowers).

I had a dream I could fly, with golden wings. Gliding all around the house, looking for what was missing. Maybe it was nothing. I can't remember. It was so beautiful, blue and green and splotches of pink and purple (flowers) here and there. So beautiful.

(It's all beautiful, even this dreary gray. But I still find myself struggling more to see the beauty in this gray.)

I had a dream my eyes were open, open, open and I could see the beauty everywhere, even in this gray.