random fridaying bits

Novembering week one is going well. The mood ring poems are amazing me (I'm posting them on my tumblr now, not just instagram, which makes it easier for you to read them if you don't have an insta account).

Fictioning each day is very difficult (I am so out of practice), but I am managing, thanks in large part to having Evernote on my phone. Since I am not following the word count rule, I am ok with just writing very small paragraphs on the weekends and that works out well for me. Eventually, this will get easier. I will remember how to fiction again.

I have already restarted the novel once. And I may restart it again next week, because I just had an idea to bring in characters from my three day novel, which was actually a novel, with characters I had written a short story about before, which means I KNOW THEM and it's easier to write plots about characters you know already. (Holy run-on sentence, batman.)

Anyway, I have my souster reading that long-ago-written three day novel and I may try and reread it over the weekend. We'll see.

I had a dream last night I shaved my head after someone spilled olive oil all over it (it was a little longer than it is now, but not much) and it was so funky (much funkier than olive oil in hair would normally be, more like crude oil). I don't really have any plans to shave my head again right now (I kind of want the insulation until it gets warmer), but who knows. I can't be bothered to have a plan for my hair anymore, I think. It's just hair. It's kinda fun and that's that.

It's funny, but I keep getting called "Miss" at restaurants and grocery stores and that's just kind of odd. I think it's the 'hawk, but who knows. Maybe it's the bright clothes.

My weekend project this week: making swants (sweater pants). Yesterday, I bribed Remy with a new Lego set to get him to go thrifting with me and found two XL men's wool sweaters that will work. Criteria: had to be softish and in a cool looking pattern - I'll likely be wearing these over tights (because itchy and insulated) but I didn't want really itchy wool because I need to be able to sew them by hand. I just need to hand-wash them and then get started. I'm totally excited. Warm legs under skirts for winter!!

I also managed to score some long black winter boots which have a flexible sole (not really minimalist, but close enough for boots, I guess). And winter boots for Remy!

The other day, I bought some long insulated running tights (at Target, yes - not an affiliate link, I just shop there because convenient) and they are so warm. So, so warm. With those under wool swants and a skirt and my long black boots on top, I think I'll be toasty-warm. Yay!

(I'll add some snow pants and lose the skirt if I have to go out in the snow. How come I can never find women's snow pants at Target? I almost bought XL boys snow pants last time I went in, but I was pretty sure my hips wouldn't actually fit and I didn't want to try them on. But look, they do have women's snow pants online, super yay!)

I'm already wearing two layers of pants, and it's only in the 50s right now. Me and the cold do not get along. Not even a little. (In addition to not liking being cold, I also have Reynaud's syndrome, with painful extremities.)

Building a winter wardrobe, one winter at a time.