ready, set, pull!

I had a dentist appointment this morning. Just a cleaning, but I also needed to have them look at my last two remaining baby teeth (which have been hurting a lot and a little).

I was worried that my dentist (who said last spring - possibly jokingly - that she wanted to save my baby teeth via root canals) would be hesitant about pulling them, but she's the one who brought it up first. They both need to come out.

One has a minor infection under it, but it's the other one that hurts more, assuming it isn't referred pain from a nearby tooth (which has a crack in the very old filling - that's also going to get replaced). But they're both done, really. Just done.

The extraction is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I am so excited to think there might be an end to this dental pain that's been plaguing me (on and off) for years. The first dentist I saw about it in NJ told me point blank she didn't think there was anything wrong with my tooth and it was "just sensitive." Yeah. I did NOT go back to her!

But unfortunately, I did let her rotten attitude keep me from seeking out another dentist for too long, for fear that I would be belittled again. And even last spring, when the dentist was talking about saving my baby teeth, I was wondering if I would need to try to find another dentist. I'm glad I didn't, I'm glad I gave her another chance, but that is months of pain I didn't need to go through.

It's time to be done with this pain. I do not need it in my life anymore. I am ready to let it go.

(Having had extractions before, there's gonna be a few days when I'm in a fair amount of pain. But then the holes will heal.)

Oh, I am ready.