releasing the need to capture everything

So, what I hinted at in yesterday's poem is absolutely true: I did not take many photographs while we were in Toronto. Shockingly few, in fact. And it isn't that I didn't notice lots of things I could make photos of. I did. I just didn't take them.

I went to Toronto to be social. To socialize. And that's what I did. Caught up with so many friends. (And had to not catch up with so many others. Having lived in a place for three years means there are too many friends to see in four short days.)

Being with my camera is a non-social thing. Photo walks can be done in tandem, but then the focus in on photoing. I have to release the idea that I can capture everything, if I'm going to get to be my social self.

The only photos I really took on my point and shoot (I didn't even bring the dslr) were when Remy and I went by ourselves to the Legoland and I needed something to do while he played. I also took some out of the window on the passenger side photos while we were driving up. (On the way home, I used my phone's camera pretty much exclusively.)

This one above is my favorite from the drive up, that shows the salt and dirt build up on our windshield. The white areas are snow beside the highway. Yes, snow. All through upstate NY there was snow on the ground, in patches. No snow in Toronto, though. Yay!

I'm in a weird spot with photography right now. On the one hand, my multiple/double exposure self-portrait work is giving me great creative pleasure. On the other hand, I may be having problems coming up with ideas for things to take photos of that aren't part of that work.

Of course, almost everything can be part of that work. Which is, I think, the whole point.