separating out the (emotional) kerosene

"We use our emotions. We use them. In their essence, they are simply part of the goodness of being alive, but instead of letting them be, we take them and use them to regain our ground. We use them to try to deny that in fact no one has ever known or will ever know what’s happening. We use them to try to make everything secure and predictable and real again, to fool ourselves about what’s really true. We could just sit with the emotional energy and let it pass. There’s no particular need to spread blame and self-justification. Instead, we throw kerosene on the emotion so it will feel more real."
Pema Chödrön

Sitting with this quote today, as I prepare to go into my hormonal dive this cycle.

Sitting with this quote today, as I look at my anxiety (while it is at its low point) and try to separate out what is real from what is kerosene.

Sitting with this quote today and feeling the truth of it, because as I get older, it gets easier and easier to let my emotions flow without adding extra. (Except when it isn't easy at all.)

I am thankful for practice. I am thankful for shared wisdom. I am thankful for the hormonal dive.