embracing the harder days, too

This photo is from a few weeks ago. Because cute. 

Remy stayed home from school yesterday to go to the doctor, because he has a rash on his fingers. Because of his string of strep throat rashes the year before last, I wanted to make sure this wasn't something similar. Nope. It's either a contact dermatitis or eczema, we think. Ugh. Treatment is the same - keep it moisturized and try cortisone cream on it, see if it helps.

This morning, he wanted to go to school (even though he woke up in the night to itching fingers that needed ointment). I got a call around 11 that he wanted to come home. He feels too itchy to concentrate.

I just have to embrace these 'sick' days, because there's nothing else to do.

Yesterday, I helped Remy start to learn Morse Code, because it figures in Ylvis' What Does the Fox Say ("would you communicate by moh oh oh oh ose, moh oh oh oh orse?" and in a Calvin and Hobbes book.

Of course, he's also singing the Fox song ad nauseum and sproinging his stuffed tiger on me, so the gains of learning cool stuff from these sources are somewhat offset by the sources themselves. Ah, life!

OK, I admit that every time he starts singing I sing along. That song is such an ear worm. SUCH an ear worm.

Yup, we totally have fun together.