This is the third year I have chosen a guiding word for the year to come.

The first year we lived in New Jersey, I choose the word exploration. We bought our house that year, moved to a new area entirely.

The next year, I needed to believe in a lot of things (a lot of parenting related things) and so I picked the word believe to help me.

And then last year was a year of expanding - I wrote about my word of the year fairly frequently, because it really helped me frame what was going on in my life. Expand, contract. Expand, contract. The ebb and flow of life.

The word I picked for this year came after much contemplation. I had a few I was considering for this year that is still to come. Nothing really felt right. And then as I was filling out Susannah Conway's Unraveling the Year Ahead pages on Saturday, there it was: 


Embracing the exploring I've done. The beliefs that I hold. The expansion that has happened in my life. Embracing the grief and the joy. The ebb and flow. Embracing the body I have right now, the spirit that stirs in me right now, embracing all that is, right now, as it exists. Pulling it all together in my embrace. 

All these words of the year form this intricate interlocking chain for me -  even looking at my writing on expanding, I used the word embrace a lot. Yes, they interlock. 

And as I go into the last year of my thirties, I embrace all this interlocking. Because my life is interconnected. All the years of my life, intertwined into the now that exists in this moment. 

Yes. Please. Thank you.