mid-vacation update

I am completely enjoying our vacation in Chicago. I've decided that vacationing in a colder climate is better, because once we get home, it will feel almost tropical where we are by comparison! Whereas if we had gone to Aruba (or some such), after we got back, life in NJ would feel that much colder. It's difficult for me to plan in advance this way (because cold) but this year it worked out that way (because new baby).

The new baby is delicious and tiny and sleeping very much. Her 18 month old brother has been the sweetest discovery of all, just coming into his own as a toddler. Remy has really loved interacting with him (and I have enjoyed watching them together). I am taking an amazing amount of photos and remembering the toddler photo taking days that inspired me to become a better photographer. Being Remy's mom has given me so many gifts.

Right now, I am loving the downtime of a fairly unplugged vacation. I've been reading a lot, in between visiting and photo taking. Of course, I am reading on electronic devices (my old Galaxy Player and my Kindle), so this isn't a completely unplugged vacation. That's just how I roll. Middle path.

Last night, I finished the latest Guy Gavriel Kay book, and it was amazing as all his books are. I love his writing and with this book, I can see where he's been going, in a meta-fictioning kind of way (and of course, I love it).

I expect to be back to blogging as usual on Thursday. Meanwhile, I'm posting on instagram and tumblr (and not much at all on Facebook).

May the turning of the secular year bring you peace and joy.