snow day fun

When he got home yesterday, M (who keeps up with the news/ weather way more than I do) told me there was snow coming our way.

Sure enough, this morning right around 8 am, it started snowing.

It fell fast for the first hour or two. M rescheduled the meetings he had for the day (his classes ended yesterday) and is working at home. (Grading never ends. Also research. And writing.)

Remy's school is still in session. We only have a block and a half walk to pick him up now, so that's totally fine. I feel slightly worse for the teachers and staff, who will have to drive home. By the time schools gets out, the plows should have gone around most of the area, though.

Me, I'm staying in (til I have to go walk to pick up Remy) and wearing my swants and reading on the couch all. day. With some tea. And a blanket.


I'm completely embracing the fact that I'd rather stay inside!

Ooooh, maybe I'll make the second pair of swants. I want to take photos and do a mini tutorial, especially of the crotch section, which was difficult. Hopefully this second pair will be less difficult. Although if it is difficult, that will make the tutorial all the more hilarious!

(Apparently, I'm embracing my hilarity, too. YAY!!!!)


Consider yourselves officially warned...