2013 in selfies: January - June

January 1 2013: I began #365lex.

It seems like all at once, I decided my 365 project for the year would be selfies. I took this photo of my legs while M was reading Remy his bedtime story. This was before I decided to have my face/head in every 365 photo.

January 2 - 31: the double exposures began on the 5th and then dominate the last half of the month.

I took a lot of these while I was waiting for the school bus to arrive. I was already in the habit of doing that from my last (informal) 365 project and it definitely made it easy to remember to take a photo every day.

The lack of color in this month is part of my issue with winter. You can tell (I think) that my clothes are part of my keep-winter-colorful strategy.

February 1 - March 2: this was the month I took Be Your Own Beloved to help me through the SAD of winter (we also had a warm snap, which helped improve my mood for the month).

My obsession with double exposure continued (and never stopped). The merlex series began. We went to California.

March 3 - April 1: more experimenting with double exposure. Towards the end of the month, I started shooting with hipstamatic again (on my old iPod touch). The rest of these photos were taken with my Galaxy Player. I did take self-portraits with my dslr and point and shoot, but I did not use them for my 365 project.

March was a hard month (we had a cold snap and a lot of snow), but there was more color. And there was hope because I knew spring was coming and I had Poeming Into the Now to look forward to.

April 2 - May 1:  April was a month of writing a poem a day and the return of spring, which I desperately needed.

I cut about 4-6 inches off my dreadlocks. I was already contemplating shaving them off (before we went to Thailand), but I needed to do it in steps.

May 2 - 31: I shaved my dreadlocks. It was time.

I started re-finding my fierceness with the mohawk. Part of that process was the noticing of what was, every day as I took my selfie. Part of that process was the extensive poeming I did during the year. Part of that process was the expanding I was committed to, as my word of the year.

Everything is connected.

(I also found a new dentist and started the process that led to getting my teeth taken care of. Had to convince my dentist that the teeth that needed extracting really needed extracting, so she replaced some of my old fillings first.)

June 1 - 30: M and I went on our second trip away together since Remy was born. Montreal was fantastic, being together was fantastic.

Before we left, we started a family gratitude journal (which we have continued, every night before Remy goes to sleep, we all give one gratitude for the day).

I started feeling more at home in myself in June. I thought I was there already, but there was another layer of home, waiting to be expanded into.

So much progression in these selfies, the first half of 2013.

(I'll post the rest of the year on Monday.)