embracing change (kitchening)

As often happens, yesterday was an unexpected decluttering day for me. This is just the way my brain works. I do my best to keep up with everything, but it gets beyond me (and it gets beyond me) and then whoomp. Suddenly I have the situation in hand again. But it doesn't always go the way I planned it to go.

It happened like this: I was getting dressed and suddenly the pile of clothes I had decluttered last month (that I hadn't yet taken to the basement, where they belong) started annoying me. So I got a bag. Stuck them in. Then realized that the shelf they're on is an awful clutter magnet and why? Why haven't I "just" thrown that stuff out yet? Why aren't those shelves organized better? But instead of starting to work on them (that will happen later, I suppose), my mind went in a totally different direction.

Sitting on that shelf is a wooden box that I got to use in our house in Mobile, while we were showing our house. It's a recharging station for cell phones. But right now, we don't need one of those because we have recharging areas in different parts of the house. It's been sitting on that shelf upstairs taking up space and doing nothing. But I think it's pretty so I haven't gotten rid of it. It was perfect for repurposing.

And then I flashed on how I could use it in the kitchen to help corral the (ever spiraling out of control) mail center. I could put the mail sorter (which seriously needed going through) on top of the box!

It took awhile (I had a lot of old mail to sort and shred and file). And once I started the project, I also decided to rearrange the kitchen and that took some time, too. But it got done and now the kitchen feels amazingly light and gorgeous and sorted out. Everything has a place and it is a place that makes sense! (Except the stuff on top of the fridge. That's still just a no man's land of yikes. And I didn't sort out the pantry. Keeping it real.)

I have new a tea corner now (the tea started spilling out of my tea drawer a while ago). My husband has more counter space to cook on. And the blender (for my smoothies, which I haven't made in forever and I've been missing) is right by the fridge now. So much easier to take out fruit and greens from the freezer and blend them up. I made a smoothie this morning while the water for my coffee was coming to a boil.

I walk in the kitchen and it feels like we can really live in it now. Peaceful. (Like the new living room arrangement.)

In retrospect, the fact that I focused on the kitchen yesterday (instead of the shelf upstairs, or my office, which I bought shelves for at IKEA on Monday) wasn't really that out of the blue: we installed a gorgeous new copper sink and faucet last weekend. They change the feeling of the whole kitchen.

(You can see the whole ordeal on my instagram or tumblr. The sink is gorgeous, but plumbing is hard.)

Room by room, we've been slowly making my way through the house since last spring, re-imagining the spaces. Decluttering. Rearranging.

Embracing our house. Embracing how we use our house and making it ours.