gathering (ebooklette ideas)

It's been a long time since I gathered a series of my photos and words and collected them into a book.

(Remember these? You would think I had forgotten them, since I took the links down and told myself I'd switch to selling them on etsy and never got around to it. Ooops! Plus, where is last year's NaNoPoMo collection? Oh, that's right. I never got around to making it. Well, I have until this April, right? Right! Maybe putting them up on etsy while I'm thinking about it today would be a good idea...)

And I never did set any of my photo-essay/poetry books up to be printable, which would be very nice.

My friend Amanda mentioned on instagram that she would love a book of the double exposure self portraits, especially with poems.

And I think I would love that, too.

And when I start thinking about book projects, I start seeing more ideas everywhere. Gathering them.

(These foggy trees? Yes.)

(The flowering trees from springs past? And the spring to come? Yes.)

(All the photos of the Buddha that I take? Yes.)