getting to deliciousness (by cleaning the clutter out)

Deliciousness: a spot tucked away beside the hotel pool, with light and pillows, perfect for curling up with a book.

Deliciousness: any of a thousand comfy spots in my house, perfect for curling up with a book.

Deliciousness: reading a book.

I'm a bookworm. It's part of my essence, that I love reading so much I get lost in the story. Get so lost that I forget about the world around me, the chores and cleaning that need attending to.

This getting-lost was at its most intense when I was a teenager, but even now I still have to motivate myself to get cleaning done (music helps). Daily habits seem to be the best - when I routinize chores, they get done (instead of getting done when someone is coming over).

I can mostly keep up these days (and of course, the other people in my house do their share - and sometimes mine - because that's the kind of house I want to live in). Flylady helped a lot with the routines, but mostly, I have just made my own way, over the years.

Certain times of year bring out the deep cleaning/ decluttering urge in me, though. Sometimes that urge stays cerebral, I'm not going to lie - there are a lot of times when I do more thinking about what to declutter than actually declutter. Ah, life! Sometimes it takes me a long time to stop thinking about cleaning and just clean. It helps to write about it, because accountability.

Right now, my desk is a mess. This whole "workshop" is a mess. And since I finished a book yesterday, I think it's time to say "OK, go" and just get to work (before I can start my next book, ahem).

Tabula rasa, yes.