helloing, poeming, and yaying

Today my post on pay with a kindness went live on kind over matter. (New editor, same awesome message.)

I've been focused on the ebb right now - the decluttering, cleaning - getting things into a tabula rasa state before I start the next season of flow.

Winter is a good time for the ebb, for domesticating. For working on the underbelly of our souls, our homes, our lives.

I am here writing, Mon-Fri. You can find my daily photos (I take a lot of surreal double exposures, especially of my self) over on instagram or tumblr. I'd love to become friends! (You can also find me on FB.)

This week in my 52 weeks poeming project (a class I'm running from May to May - I doubt I'll run it again, but I may put it out as a self-paced workbook, if I get enough interest), I needed a fun prompt. We're in week 37 and January's doldrums are hitting me again. Fun poems.

I went to Poetry Foundation and looked around, it didn't take long to find a fun poem that caught my eye: Khaleesi Says by Leah Umansky.

I wrote my poem yesterday. I don't usually share the poems I write elsewhere here (I'm really more of a stream of consciousness writer), but I knew I would when it came to me yesterday (yes, it was a gift poem). This poem works best if you're familiar with Firefly/ Serenity. (It's streaming on Netflix if you've never been introduced. You're welcome!)

The Terrible Truth of River Tam

Who sees me?
You see the crazy,
brain traumafied,
can't make it stop,
living in twenty 'verses,
happening ALLATONCE
trigger trigger trigger
that I was made into.
Who sees me?
The smartest girl
who only wanted
to know the secrets
of everything.

Yes, I'm a poeming geek. Quite happily. As I get closer to 40, I'm getting more and more comfortable in myself: who I am and who I was, and who I may become.

I'm someone who verbs nouns and nouns verbs. Because fun! (Ditto on why I don't always use capital letters and sometimes - never for shouting purposes, except funny shouting - I use all caps over on FB.)

And yay, I'm a poeming geek who did manage to declutter those shelves I wrote about yesterday. And it didn't take nearly as long as I was worried it would. Which may or may not give me the motivation to tackle my office today (I have new shelves from IKEA to put up, which is a bit nerve-wracking because leveling. Yikes!)