keep fighting for clean water in appalachia (and on the whole earth)

Shell photo from our trip to California last February. You can see the inside of this shell in my original post. 

My souster H lives in Charleston WV. I'm connected to her, and so I'm connected to the Elk river, which was contaminated earlier this month by the chemical used to produce "clean" coal (there is no such thing as clean coal).

But beyond that best friend/soul sister connected, I am connected to the water of this earth by the water in my body. I am connected to the Elk river because water, everywhere, is connected (eventually).

It may be easy to forget about the Elk river spill if it isn't in your backyard. But when you deeply look at ecology and hydrogeology, you'll see that it did happen in your backyard. You cannot afford to look away. The water of the earth needs your voice.

We need to keep fighting for clean water regulations. We need to keep fighting to protect our water. Don't forget the Elk river. Keep sharing about the spill on FB and twitter. Keep pushing for corporate reform. Keep protesting fracking and "clean" coal and keep working towards green energy.

And for frack's sake, let's not let this spill become business as usual (or worse, a "good" business measurement).