lunar new year

Another photo from California, this one from our 2012 (year of the dragon!) trip

Today marks the lunar new year, the year of the wood horse, in the Chinese calendar. I'm not very knowledgeable about the lunar system (other than knowing the order of the animals, mostly, and being very proud of being born in a tiger year).

Tomorrow, we're planning on trying to go see some lion dancing. We have to rearrange Remy's horseback riding lessons to do so, but we're all interested and so we will.

And then of course, Sunday is the Superbowl. Sadly, our team didn't make it (Seattle beat us in the last second) and so I'm not feeling as psyched as I could be, considering the game is actually being played a few miles from our house. (It is way too cold here to even consider being at that game, even if my beloved 49ers were playing. Although if they were, I'd probably be considering it more than I am now!)

My office isn't finished/finished, but it is done enough for now. It's really still the art on Remy's side of the room that needs to be waded through. I have let it pile up for too long (anything more than two weeks is too long, that kid is prolific!). It can wait til I am feeling slightly more energetic, next week.

The cold and the gray is hibernating weather, as my husband pointed out to me this morning. Yes. I feel like I am trying to hibernate, that is for sure. Under a comfy blanket, with some tea: yes!

Happy weekending, everyone.