mystery (wrapped in beauty, wrapped in love)

Saturday was a full fog, dripping rain (melting snow) day, the kind of day that would happily last 3/4 of the year on the west coast. We get a day like this maybe once a year here, so I was in a savoring mode. (And this was the day before I came down with the mystery illness that seems to now - knock wood - be on the way out.)

Some of my favorite memories involve fog, including the night I met M.

Mystery wrapped in love, wrapped in beauty.

I took two series of photos. Both series were shot fast and loose; meaning, I didn't stop to compose, I was on the move while I was shooting - this is the style that I shoot best in, since it is the one I have the most practice with.

This series of photos I shot with my lensbaby (and then converted to black and white in post-processing) during a "rain walk" with Remy, after we got back from his horseback lessons.

(The first series - the photo I shared yesterday - was from the ride home from horseback riding lessons. I only had my phone with me, and that suited me just fine, because the fog had a very black and white, nostalgic feel to me. I used Hipstamatic's Oggl app for that series.)

Mystery wrapped in beauty, wrapped in love.