poeming on a slow monday

right now, my days are slow
right now, my nights are long
right now, i am taking time to polish
right now, i am setting everything in place
right now, music and light fill me up
right now, love and comfort fill me up
right now, i am poeming
right now, i am a poem


Yes, the house cleaning/ rearranging/ decluttering continues. It's a slow process, but so worthwhile. Each space feels right, right now. I'm sure in six months or a year, I'll be rearranging again, but the right now is right, now.

Next up is my office space. I got myself to desk zero on Friday, but then had a realization that required yet another trip to IKEA. (To get a new set of drawers. The old one is wobbly and my printer and camera equipment were on it. Oy.)

So the plan for today is to put that set of drawers together, hang the shelves and then put things away. This may be a two day job. It may require help. It may take much less time than I imagine. I don't know. All I know is that it starts today. Right now (after I hit publish and then eat a little lunch).

Look, I told you my days were slow right now. It's up there, the first line of today's poeming.

I am going at my own pace. And winter is making me slow down. And for right now, that's just right.