I did not want to go swimming at our hotel, but I did sit and watch, snug in my swants and wool toe socks!

Yesterday's flight home ended up being cancelled, but luckily, we were able to fly standby on a flight into NYC later that evening.

Four or five extra hours at the airport, an extra hour or so getting back to our house.

Instead of a reasonable bedtime, we all ended up awake until past midnight, so we declared today a reentry day: sleeping in, breakfast out, taking care of laundry and grocery shopping. Math drills (for fun), reading, arting, more reading. Chess.

That same snow storm that hit us in Chicago yesterday is coming our way now: 4-8 inches are predicted overnight. It's likely there won't be school tomorrow, either.

All is well. It's wonderful having some time at home to readjust. Readjusting is the name of the game, today.