random fridaying bits

(From Saturday's walk in the rain. He always wants the rainbow umbrella.) 

* There's laundry everywhere (clean, dirty) upstairs. M washed a bunch and sorted it, but we haven't put it away, so there were piles of clean clothes. We just didn't have the energy, or something (I was sick at the beginning of the week and M is just starting his new semester, which takes a lot out of him). We have today together so we're going to go out to lunch (and do a little shopping) and then we'll have time to sort laundry.

* I bought some hair chalk on Wednesday and now I can have pink bangs whenever I like, and they make me happy. (Remy had two streaks which quickly disappeared and hasn't asked for more.)

* I decided to finally (finally!) frame some beautiful art prints I bought last summer. And promptly learned the mats the art is on (signed, numbered) are infinitesimally too big for the frames. Now I need to razor the edges with an exacto blade and I haven't gotten to it and so the art is still (still!) leaning against the printer.

* I had a piece to write for Kind Over Matter and I wrote it and it makes me proud. (I'll link when it goes live, next week.)

* I had a terrible-awful-overwhelmed mom afternoon yesterday (between Remy's anxiety and my revulsion at his licking his hand, which he had scraped at recess and then my overwhelm at how intensely he needs me in his anxiety - well, let's just say we eventually all calmed down, and bedtime was fine, but proud I am not).

* I made a new banner for my (soon to be opening again) etsy store. But I didn't get around to putting together any listings, so that goes on the list for next week. Baby steps.

* But for now, lunch.