slow processing

The office putting together is going slowly, but it is going. I ran into a hitch trying to put up the shelves on my own (it definitely is a two person job).

Since those shelves are primarily going to hold my yarn baskets, photos and a few others things that can wait to go up, today I'm going to focus on putting away my photography equipment and my (collage making) magazines.

I expect that even though the shelves won't be up until later, the majority of it all will be in place in a few hours. I may even be able to print out some photos to frame.

While I've been cleaning, I've been letting my mind wander where it will. Finding new avenues of connection. This is what I do when I'm reading, too - and I started rereading Cloud Atlas yesterday, which bodes well for new connections forming in my mind. I already have a new understanding of the complex relationship between the soul with the birth mark and the other two who seem to reincarnate alongside him/her.

It may seem like a slow process from the outside, but this is the process I need right now.

And it seems this is the process I need to write about right now, too. Maybe this processing of my process is helping someone else. I don't know. But I do not write only for you, I write for me. And so I am writing.