the gathering (outtakes)

i am in the midst of a gathering together
gathering my thoughts, gathering some new ideas, gathering my time
gathering my (solitary time) life back to me (after no alone time at all)

not lonely, alone
cherishing the silence
(or music of my choice!)

gathering all of the #365lex photos was a great tool
now i am finding myself wanting to gather the outtakes, too

like these photos, found WOWs from my camera: why weren't they the photo of the day?
ah, because there was another one that day that felt more right for that moment
(love, so much love)

but that doesn't mean this photo needs to be discarded
this photo feels like a story, waiting to be shown
a lot of the outtakes feel that way
like stories waiting
poems to be gathered

and so i think taking some time to gather
them to be will be a good thing

i am not sure yet what form the gathering will take
when it will happen, what it will entail
i know there is a push in me, to gather

to journal and write and poem and even print my photos out
(to make videos? perhaps)
last year was a big year
my art leapt forward

i felt so connected to all artists
who have used themselves as models -
not the pretty snapshots
of our 'i am fine, how are you?' culture,
the deep connection of art and artist

(nothing wrong with 'i am fine, how are you?'
if it is what you are feeling/connecting to)

these selfies just feel like more
more awareness, more soul, more self
deeper and deeper into the soul of my self
(souling the self surreal)

and they are (souling)
and they are (my self)
and they are (surreal)

beautiful and real and honest and true,
art of my self/soul/surreal