I could complain about how 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow night into Thursday sounds horrific.
I could embrace that the snow we get will be the snow we get and complaining won't lessen it.

I could complain that I am so cold.
I could embrace hygge and wash that new sweater I bought yesterday so I can wear it tomorrow.

I could complain that winter has been going on so long and I don't see the end.
I could embrace that the end doesn't need to be in sight, it will end or it won't. Knowing when won't make today any less cold.

I could complain that I am so tired, so tired this morning.
I could embrace hibernating and drink my coffee and eat lunch.

I could complain that my life is so dull in winter.
I could embrace that my life is an (amazing) ongoing experiment and that being present means being seasonal.

I could complain about not having the money to go to the Caribbean for a winter get away.
I could embrace the fact that I am choosing to save that money up for other things. (Other traveling, mostly. A replacement car next year, hopefully a plug in hybrid. Other house projects.)

I could complain about the house being so messy.
I could embrace the mess, pick a spot and take five fifteen minutes to clean it. (I vacuumed yesterday after a wonderful exchange on FB with Liz. Ah, cleaner floors. Really helped change my mood towards the house. Maybe it will give me the motivation to sort through the art mess on the floor of our office/ art space.)

I could complain about having nothing but complaints.
I could embrace taking those complaints, writing them out, and turning them around.

Note: I am not beating myself up for having these complaints. And embracing what is means embracing the fact of complaining as well as trying to come up with a simple reframe/ solution to the complaint. In many cases, there is no solution - I am not budgeting a Caribbean cruise into this February, and I don't have any power over the coming storm. I did buy a new sweater yesterday, on clearance at Target because omg, so soft and fluffy.

The writing out and the reframe help. But I also recognize that I am not a winter person. (I dislike cold way too intensely.) And that is ok. It really is. I still love this life. This is a particularly hard winter. I am being gentle on myself. I am doing what I can do.

The conditional phrasing ("I could") is just the way this came out this morning and what it reminds me is that I have a choice. I always have a choice. It isn't necessarily a choice that can change the situation at hand (I don't have control over everything), it's a choice about how to react. That's what I can do: choose my reaction.

I'll choose embracing. Embracing all of my whining and my reframing. I have room for it all.

"I am large, I contain multitudes."  ~ Walt Whitman