infused ginger lemon salt

wait, you don't put your infused salt in shotglasses? what?

it's no secret februarying is difficult for me.

even before the robbery, (and now four years after the second waterbaby), there's always been something in february that has been a low point of the year for me. oh, i delved into the shock. i delved into the grief. but the cold and the winter are still taunting me this year.

and i am ok. i am februarying. i am not done. i am not finished, i am here. i am not februaried. no siree.

since kitchen projects cheer me up, yesterday, i made some ginger lemon salt after a friend posted her love for ginger salt on facebook. (and then i made some basil lemon salt. just because. i also thought about infusing some sugar, too, but i didn't have enough tiny glass containers. because i forgot until right now that i have a few extra spice jars in the cabinet behind the spices. aha! that's why the salt is in shot glasses. they're the right size.)

i experimented; the recipes i found online all suggested dehydrating fresh ginger (and lemon peel) and then blending it with the salt, which might be great, but i didn't want blended salt, and i wanted straight up ginger lemon, so i used essential oils.

i'd say i used about 12 drops of essential oil (2-3 of lemon and the rest ginger) for a shot glass of sea salt, but i was really going for the flavor.

so far so yummy. i added a tiny bit of ginger lemon salt to my morning coffee (i always add salt to my coffee because this recipe) and it quite yum.

my friend suggested ginger salt sprinkled on peanut butter. i may try that - or a sprinkle on some chocolate gelato later tonight. mmmm...

it would also make a seriously yummy salt rim for margaritas.

(oh! this infused salt would be great to make salted lemons with! basil would work great, i think.)

yes, kitchen projects do cheer me up!